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Investment Tax Chart

Download a comprehensive flow chart to determine if you’ll be taxed on your investment.

Savings Checklist

Download a comprehensive guide of ways for you to save more and build your retirement plan.

Medicare Flowchart

Use our chart to determine if you’re eligible for Medicare Part A or B.

Home Buyers Guide

Learn what issues to consider when buying a new home.

Important Numbers 2022

Download a list of important tax and other financial numbers to know for 2020.

Roth Conversion Flowchart

Learn if a Roth Conversion could be the right move for you.

Roth 401k Flowchart

Learn if you should consider contributing to a Roth 401k.

Dormant 401K Flowchart

Learn what to do with a dormant 401K.

Roth Tax and Penalty Flowchart

Learn if a distribution from your Roth IRA will be tax and penalty free.

HSA Tax and Penalty Flowchart

Learn if a distribution from your HSA will be tax and penalty free.

ESPP Tax Flowchart

Learn if you will have to pay tax on a qualified ESPP.

IRMAA Surcharge Flowchart

Learn if you can avoid IRMAA surcharges on Medicare Part B and Part D

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