retirement programmed so you don’t have to worry.


Why ProPath Financial instead of the big name?

We have a clear and simple fee structure that is bound by a fiduciary capacity and the expertise to coach you through retirement.  


This is a commission free environment! You will clearly know and understand how much you are paying to have your finances managed. Not all advisors can say that.


We act in the best interest of clients at all times, not what may be most profitable or beneficial for us. We have a legal obligation to never breach this duty.


Not only do we have a great understanding of the industry, but you’ll be advised by a Certified Financial Planner ™. A designation held by only 25% of the industry.

Retirement is the real deal.

No time to cut reps.

Will I be able to maintain an active lifestyle?

Will I be able to to pay all of my expenses and the unexpected?

How will my assets be allocated?

If I live longer, will my money last?

Can I retire now or should I wait?

I have seen both sides of the coin. The side that has a person WANTING to retire but can’t. I have also seen the person who CAN retire but won’t.

The thing that separated them? Preparation. How you prepare for retirement will be the difference between freedom and restriction.

I am not here to be a financial transaction, I am here to be your team: open, honest, and transparent with every part of the wealth building process. Like a coach builds athletes, I coach you to save for and navigate retirement.

Reduce Taxes. Create Income. Invest properly.

It’s what we do.

As Quoted In

“Buying the splurge item isn’t just about the fun usage,” says financial advisor Thatcher Taylor of Taylor Financial. “It is about all of the additional costs that come with it.” In other words, not only are you buying a large item that will depreciate, but you are buying a large depreciating item with ongoing expenses.


“To be able to turn $15,000 into $10 million in five years, there had to be a consistent series of events that needed to happen to provide that type of return,” speculates Thatcher Taylor, CFP. “And throughout all those events, there needed to be a perfect avoidance of cognitive and emotional errors along the way. In other words, this investor most likely had a strategy, didn’t emotionally overreact to changing market conditions, and behaved rationally while making decisions.”


A different kind of financial planning.

How would it feel to work with an advisor that won’t nickel and dime you?

ProPath Financial was founded on the idea that advisors should deliver the products that the CLIENT needs and not what the company wants. As a fee-only, fiduciary firm, we are transparent about the cost of having us manage our money and engage in financial planning.  What you see is always what you get. 

Finances should be about saving towards a hopeful future, not stressing over numbers and dealing with firms that are in it for their own profit.

Our Services:

Comprehensive financial planning from retirement to tax efficiency.

Social Security Planning

Cash Flow Management

Employer Benefits

Experience where it matters most.

Hi! Im Thatcher—CEO of ProPath Financial with over 10 years of wealth-building experience.

I have worked for the high-cost broker dealers and the low-cost mutual fund companies. I each firm incentivizes or requires the use of certain products. Not here!

I decided to start ProPath Financial to coach families through retirement and start delivering high-quality, client-first advice. As a Registered Investment Adviser, this structure gives me the opportunity to deliver flexible and comprehensive planning with very clear and transparent pricing, offering you the best service possible.


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